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Professional work-up and care for your pet!



Skin and ear cytology

Non-invasive method for the identification of microorganisms (yeast and bacteria) and cells.



Skin scrapings

Non-invasive method for the identification of frequent skin parasites.



Elimination diets

Consultation in regard to elimination diets to diagnose and treatment food allergies and intolerances.



Skin allergy testing

The intradermal test (IDT) helps us identifying the offending allergens responsible for your pet’s allergies. This test contains about 50 allergens (e.g. dust mites, pollen of various plants) commonly found in our environment.



Allergen-specific Immunotherapy

Desensitization based on IDT results can be successful for controlling your pet’s allergies longterm and provide a good quality of life.



Skin biopsies

The histopathological examination of skin biopsy samples from unusual skin lesions enables us to diagnose a wide range of skin diseases.



Fungal and bacterial cultures

Test methods, which are used for the identification of microorganisms and to assess their degree of resistance.




Ear diseases can be best assessed and diagnosed with video-otoscopy. With the help of video-otoscopy procedures such as thorough ear flushes and removal of masses as well as foreign bodies can be performed.




We also offer bioresonance a method using electromagnetic waves for the identification and treatment of problems associated with your pet’s skin problems.